Welcome to provides an easy and competitive solution for anyone to share his internet connection with advanced features for authenticating your hotspot users and controlling how they can connect to the internet. is the ideal solution for hotels, campings, marinas, cafes, bars, campus, residences, WISPs and many others who live near such places. 

For public places owners, you can easily print WYSIWYG customized access tickets with codes to gain access to your hotspot. 

You can bill your users online and fully automate your hotspot. You set your own prices and get the highest revenue share of the market: 75% of your hotspot revenue goes directly to your paypal account. Please click here for more information.

No need for a PC, your hotspot can fit inside a single cheap wifi router. But you can choose any hardware you want to scale your hotspot to ANY size (municipal metro scale wifi is possible)

You can easily fully customize and brand your hotspot landing page with an embedded wysiwyg editor. Here is a live landing page demonstration.

There are many more features, please read below.

What is a hotspot?

A hotspot is a wifi access point that is made for public access to the internet. It has a captive portal which authenticates the hotspot users and grant access to the internet if the hotspot access policy conditions are met.

How does it work?

The wifi user connects to the hotspot wifi network with a computer, pda or any other wifi device with a web browser.

Then any connection attempt to a website will be automatically redirected to the hotspot website (this is called a portal).

This redirection is performed by a captive portal software which is situated in (or near) the wifi access point, because the user is not yet authentified. provides the hotspot portal service that authentifies the user and checks that the hotspot access policy is met. When this is done, sends a message back to the access point granting access to the internet, possibly with some restrictions (max connection time, max volume or max rate).

How to setup your hotspot

Setting up a hotspot is very simple and absolutely free. hotspot management portal is compatible with an open source captive portal software (coovachilli), which runs on any linux compatible router or PC.

The recommended solution is to buy a pre-flashed hotspot at the shop or to install WorldSpot firmware inside your compatible router,  a very easy to install wifi router firmware that is completely managed remotely.

An other solution is to install CoovaAP firmware inside your compatible router, an easy to use free wifi router firmware that includes many powerful features including coovachilli captive portal. With Coova automatic hotspot configuration you can setup your hotspot without editing any file or entering any console command, using only a web interface.

As an alternative (but not recommended), you can install DD-WRT a free firmware with an older version of chillispot, but with a wider range of hardware compatibility. Please follow the DD-WRT hotspot setup procedure

If you have the skills, you can also use chillispot with any other free linux firmware (like openwrt), or a linux PC.

Once you installed chillispot, simply register, click in the validation email, then you can create your hotspot by simply giving it a name.

Once created, click on 'display config info' and change your chillispot configuration file  accordingly.

Don't forget to configure your hotspot and to create an access profile.

Then reboot your router, and you should be able to connect to your hotspot and test it. features

With, you don't need to setup complicated radius server and web server. Your hotspot can run in a fully autonomous cheap wifi router that is connected to the internet.

When your hotspot(s) is(are) setup, all your hotspot(s) management is made on the internet. You don't need to physically access your hotspot(s).

Hotspot management features:

  • Wysiwyg hotspot welcome message edition with image and flash uploads.
  • Wysiwyg tickets customization and printing
  • Wysiwyg full welcome page customization
  • Online automatic payment with credit card through Paypal:
    • You choose your own prices
    • Revenue sharing with the highest revenue share of the market: 75% for you!
    • Direct payment from your users into your paypal account. No minimal revenue to wait for to receive your money.
  • There can be multiple access profiles and prices the user can choose.
  • Advanced access profiles features. There can be limitations set by the hotspot owner. These are valid over multiple connections.
    • Total connection time allowed.
    • Total upload volume allowed
    • Total download volume allowed
    • Total upload+download volume allowed
    • Maximum upload rate
    • Maximum download rate
    • Limitation reset time: All the above limitations can be res after a specified period of time from the first connection or the previous reset. This allows users to connect 1h per day, or limit to 1gb per hour...
    • Expiration time: The access expires after a specified amount of time from the very first connection. For example you can offer 2h per day during one week.
  • Multiple hotspots management
  • Connection history for all hotspots
  • The access profiles can be applied on several hotspots. Users can get their connection state valid on all your hotspots.
  • Private accounts (or tickets) management. These are associated to an access profile, so you can create a wide commercial offer to your clients.
  • Mass ticket creation (bundles management)
  • MAC address tickets or private accounts: You can sell tickets to any wifi device that has no browser like wifi phones.
  • Email validation for ticket users option: Users must validate their email before using their tickets.

To be informed about the latest feature releases, there is a special forum topic about that.


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