Hardware compatibility

Warning: Flashing your router may void its warranty. Flashing your router with inapropriate firmware can "brick" your router. WorldSpot takes no responsability about this.

If you don't feel comfortable about flashing your router, then you shouldn't. can provide preflashed routers.

Before trying to flash your router, there are some things you need to know.

  • You should first visit hardware compatibility page. Please read carefuly your specific router page from the compatibility table. If the router is supported by openwrt backfire (or previous versions), there are good chances that worldspot firmware will work.
  • In this router page, there are precious informations about how to recover your router after a bad flash. Some routers models can easily recover from a bad flash, because they have a flashing procedure which does not involve the firmware (bootloader flashing). If such a procedure exists for your router model, then it should be safe to try WorldSpot firmware. You should even try flashing WorldSpot firmware using this recovery procedure.
  • If you don't have such a recovery procedure, then risks are higher in case of a bad flash. Recovery is often still possible by opening the router and connecting an appropriate serial cable. Serial cable procedure should be detailed in the page specific to your router.

WorldSpot firmware is currently compiled for the following openwrt platforms. Each platform contains firmware for a large number of router models and versions. Routers that are not tested here may work correctly.

Platform name Routers tested in this platform Comments
brcm47xx Linksys WRT54GL

Has a recovery flashing procedure.
MonoSSID, Not recommended for buying. Prefer more recent routers with more memory.



Well tested. Muti SSID. 32Mbyte RAM
Warning: No easy recovery flashing procedure.
However recommended buy, because they are cheap and powerful.

ar71xx Ubiquity nanostation loco M2 and picostation M2HP

Flashed through tftp recovery flashing procedure.
High quality radios and antennas. For outdoor or indoor use. Powered Over Ethernet.
Should work with all airmax M series.


Accton MR3201A (open-mesh)

Multi SSID
Very easy recovery flash procedure

If your router's platform is not listed here, please .

If you tested a router that is not listed here, please inform